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From these pages you will find all lists of all International Officials from IWWF Confederation Europe & Africa, all competition rules, Seminar Information, competition panels, applications, etc.

How To Become As International Waterski Official

First of all, you must start your official path at National Level, which means you must go through certain steps with your national Federation before you are able to become as an International Waterskiing Official, After that you can take an International Official Exam by certain Rules
E&A Tournament Additional Rules).
See more from our page - Officials Material.

Obligations of an International Official

From EC Bye-Laws - 

4.13. Obligations of Officials

Officials, whether or not appointed to an event, shall act in a proper manner in keeping with their responsibilities.
At all times they shall:

  • Act impartially, completely disregarding nationality.
  • Be in possession of and follow scrupulously and conscientiously all rules and regulations published by the IWWF and the EC.
  • Comply with the decisions of the Chief Judge and/or the Jury, taken within their authority.
  • Make no personal comments, either in private or in public, on matters which are or have been the subject of discussion within the Jury.
  • Uphold the authority and dignity of the IWWF and the EC.
  • Attend all events to which they have been appointed unless having given prior reasonable  notice to the organizers and the relevant Council Chairman.

In the case of an infraction sanctions varying from a written warning to temporary or permanent exclusion from IWWF activities may be applied by the appropriate authority (see art. 5.2).
Appeals procedure shall be as art. 5.3. 

4.14. Availability of Officials
Each year International Officials are expected to make themselves available to officiate at one or two events in their own country as required by their National Federation. 

4.15. – National Representation of Officials

First principle
The country of representation of an Official in the EC Confederation is the National Federation who originally endorsed the application for his/her International Exam.
If required by their own Federation, International Officials must be members of their National Federation.

Changing countries
If an official wishes to change his country of representation he/she must apply by submitting the following to the relevant EC Council:

  1. A letter from his original National Federation stating they have no objection to the change.
  2. A letter from the new National Federation stating they accept him as an official of that country.

In the event that either document cannot be acquired, the relevant Council shall investigate to see what can be done and make the final decision. 


Unsportsmanlike Conduct

From IWWF World Rules -

1.10: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Any contestant (or his representative) or official whose conduct is deemed unsportsmanlike or whose conduct may cause discredit to the IWWF, either on or off the tournament site, before, during, or after the tournament, may be disqualified from all or part of the tournament including completed events and/or be subject to a fine to be determined by the IWWF Executive Board, by a two-thirds majority vote of the Appointed Judges. The affected individual will be given an opportunity to present his case before a disqualification decision is made. 

In the case of a finding of unsportsmanlike conduct, a report must be submitted by the Chief Judge to the Chairman of the IWWF Tournament Council. If the Executive Board assesses a fine, it will be paid by the skier's Federation. 

From EC Bye-Laws - 


No competitor, Official, competitors' family or representative shall transgress the generally accepted norms of good sporting behaviour.
At IWWF, EC and E&A Titled events the appointed team officials are responsible for the behaviour of their competitors at all time.

5.1. Infringements
Such transgressions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Violence or injury to others
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Insulting or offensive words or behaviour
  • Abuse of equipment

5.2. Disciplinary action (see also E&A Additional Rules)
National Federations have full responsibility in case of non observation of these rules to apply sanctions where within their jurisdiction. They shall inform the EC and all other Federations of
the action taken. Other Federations so notified shall, where applicable, enforce the sanction. Otherwise, failure to comply with these rules shall be subject to a disciplinary action varying
from a written reprimand to temporary or permanent exclusion from IWWF activities.

The disciplinary action may be taken by

  • the Bureau
  • the Admincom
  • the Divisional Council
  • the Chief Judge and/or the Jury

Action taken by the Chief Judge and/or Jury shall have effect only at the time and place of the competition at which the infraction occurs and shall be limited to actions at that competition.
Sanctions by a Divisional Council need ratification by the Bureau in order to keep standards the same.
A report of the complaint and the action taken shall be made to the Divisional Council and to the Federation of the person concerned within 14 days.
An infraction calling for action beyond that applicable to a competition shall be reported to the Bureau by the Chief Judge, the Organizer or the Divisional Chairman within 7 days of the
occurrence, accompanied by depositions from Officials concerned and/or witness to the infraction. The Bureau shall afford the parties concerned an opportunity to state their case which
may include depositions from witnesses and other evidence.
Action taken by the Bureau shall be notified to the offender, his Federation and the Divisional Council as soon as possible.

In the case of a more serious offence, the Bureau shall refer the matter to the Admincom for action. The Admincom shall investigate the matter and decide by email or at a meeting, what
action is to be taken.
The Admincom shall notify the offender, his Federation and the Divisional Council as soon as action is decided upon.
Action decided upon by the Bureau or the Admincom shall be suspended if the Federation concerned takes action which, in the opinion of the body which acted originally, is appropriate
and sufficient. Such action taken by a Federation must be notified to the Bureau within 30 days of the infraction, or when the action to be taken by the Bureau or the Admincom is to come into
effect, whichever is the sooner.

5.3. Appeals
In case of a sanction taken other than at a competition the person concerned may have recourse to the Appeals Committee (see art. 6)
Appeals against decisions to be valid shall be sent to the EC President, Secretary General, Administrative Office and the Council President concerned within 15 days of the receipt of the
decision being contested. 

Competition Softwares

You can download the Calculation (Scoring) Software and Homologation Softwares (by Emmanuel Lion) from the links below.

Scoring Software is a shareware and needs a username & password for download.

Homologation Software is a freeware.

Scoring Software

Homologation Software