Message from EC Office - Social Media

To the EC Federations 
To the Admincom 
To the EC Councils 

At its spring meeting the EC Admincom discussed about the importance nowadays of social media. 

"There were varying ideas of what social media is, certainly a press officer is not that role – that is more public relations and preparing information. 
But Social Media is much more pro-active. This was definitely an area that needed promotion, and much more understanding of how to achieve more followers – what are hashtags and how to use them, etc. It was agreed we should have an action plan to assist ourselves and our National Federations." 

Two questions to the Federations: 

  1. Does your national federation has a social media person in place? 
  2. If so, would your federation be willing to bring that person to the 01 February 2020 Congress in Athens? 

If there is some positive response, IWWF Europe will invite Julia Castro to make a presentation to the Congress. 
The Social Media group could then have a small clinic together to see if more ideas could be brought forward on how to work. 
This would share knowledge and hopefully lead to an action/guidance plan that we could all use.   

Please send your responses to: office@iwwf-europe.ea 

Sid Adriaensen 
EC Secr-gen



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