Video and End Course Pictures


All video footage becomes the property of Europe & Africa Confederation and shall be kept in the custody of the Chief Judge during the competition.

For all RL & RC competitions, all End Course Slalom videos must be submitted to the E&A TC.

The videos required are the originals from the boat camera in tricks and the end course camera in slalom (not copies made on the tower).  Video will be recorded on digital media and files for trick, must be *.avi  type.

Analogue VHS media is no longer accepted.

In addition, for titled and elite events, Jump End Course and Trick videos should also be submitted to the E&A TC.

It is the responsibility of the Chief Judge to ensure that the Organiser submits these videos to the E&A TC within 30 days from the end of the competition. Failure to send the tapes after 31st October will result in the site not being permitted to hold a Homologated event the following year.


Jump Boat Path Video

Addition to IWWF Rule 13.08 a)

The boat path video camera must be operated from a point on the centreline of the jump course, mounted so the boat is coming towards the camera during a jump.

The camera should be adjusted to show all of the boat buoys in clear focus and be equipped with optical magnification of sufficient power to display the start time buoys occupying at least 1/6th of the width of the full screen (1/3rd width or larger is recommended). 

It is recommended that the end course video be monitored from the tower and any driving corrections needed to be communicated to the driver.  

Video Submission

There are 2 ways to do submit the video to the TC:

1)   The organiser can upload the files directly to the E&A storage server.

This is a straight forward solution and is the preferred option.

A step by step guide on how to do this can be found in E&A Additional Rules - Appendix F.

2)   The second option is to mail the physical media directly to Donal Connolly who will upload the footage to the server. Please send media to:

Donal Connolly
Chateau de Poudelay
09230 Fabas

Slalom End course Pictures

Before the start of the Slalom event, the Homologator must take a picture of the monitor on the Jury tower where the end course is displayed. The picture must also include the edges of the monitor, so that the gate size ratio can be calculated.

The picture has to be emailed to
in the subject line enter the competition code.

It is the responsibility of the Homologator to physically make and send the end course picture before the start of the competition. The Homologator who fails to do so may incur in a Disciplinary Procedure as described in art. 27.


Rule specification on end course camera - IWWF Rule 14.15: End Course Video

End-course video shall be recorded for the Slalom event for all passes 12 meters and shorter.
A rigidly mounted video camera shall be operated from a point on the centerline on at least one end of the slalom course, adjusted to show all of the boat guides in clear focus, and equipped with optical (not digital) magnification of sufficient power to display the far entrance/exit gate occupying at least 1/6th of the full width of the screen (1/3 width or larger is recommended).

To help the Organiser and the Officials,
IWWF E&A has bought the rights for
"Splash Eye Slalom End Course Tracking".

This software allows Officials to easily verify slalom boat path in real-time.

For the proper functioning of the software the far gates must occupy a minimum 1/3 of screen width

What is needed:

  • A computer
  • a USB Video capture device
  • 2 targets for the boat, and
  • the software.

For the computer specification, to purchase the USB Video Capture device and boat targets or to download the software please contact Donal Connolly:

All the information for the installation and use of the system is available at the following links.

Slalom End Course - Good Setup


Slalom End Course - Good Setup


Slalom End Course - Bad Setup


Slalom End Course - Bad Setup