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Officials' Seminar

International Officials' Seminar for the E&A Judges, Senior Judges, International Calculators, International Drivers and International Homologators.



The Tournament Council is responsible for organising an annual Officials Seminar.
The purpose of this Seminar is to provide:


E&A & Senior Judges and International Calculators with

  • further education in judging and scoring,

  • information on the latest rule changes and their interpretation,

  • practical trick writing, judging and scoring,

  • a trick writing and scoring evaluation.


International Homologators and Drivers with

  • further education in homologation and driving,

  • information and demonstrations on the latest technology associated with their responsibilities,

  • information on the latest rule changes and their interpretation.


Mandatory Attendance Any International Official who wishes to inscribe himself for any World or European titled event or Cash Prize 1 competition in any year MUST have attended one seminar within the previous 3 years (e.g. Seminar 2007 followed by Seminar 2010).  If, however, an official attends the Seminar in the current year he may become eligible to officiate at titled or Cash Prize 1 events in that current year if there are spaces.

All International Officials are encouraged to take part in the Officials Seminar as often as possible to increase their knowledge.

National Officials are welcome to attend. If they pass their Senior Judge or International Official exam in the same year, their attendance at the Seminar is valid for 3 years. 


In order to qualify as “attended” an official must attend the majority of sessions during the Seminar. This will be monitored at each session.


Theoretical and Practical Exam facilities for E&A and Senior Judge qualification will be made available at every Seminar.

Theoretical Exam facilities for International Homologator, International Calculator and International Driver qualification will be made available at every Seminar.
Practical exams will still have to be taken at events.



E&A Judges and Senior Judges (3-event) must take a test at least every 3 years at the Seminar to maintain their status. This will be a practical test, which may also include theoretical questions as needed.  


Federations wishing to host the Seminar should apply in writing to the E&A TC who will, as far as is possible, announce dates and venues at least two years in advance of each Seminar.

The venue should move around the Confederation, offering an equal chance to officials from all countries to attend. This will be taken into account when allocating Seminar venues.

The date should be in spring or autumn of any year.


Each individual attending the Seminar is responsible for his own costs of travel and accommodation. Confederation E&A will provide the meeting rooms and lecture facilities.


2018 Officials' Seminar

DATE tba.
VENUE tba.


Hannu Rintanen

List of Previous Seminars


Year Place Country
2017 Athens Greece
2016 Bratislava Slovakia
2015 Halle Germany
2014 Milan Italy
2013 Casteldefells Spain
2012 Bratislava Slovakia
2011 Opio France
2010 Roma Italy
2009 Copenhagen Denmark
2008 Aranjuez Spain
2007 Helsinki Finland
2006 Sestriere Italy
2005 Munich Germany
2004 Antwerp Belgium
2003 Casteldefells Spain
2002 Prague Czech Republic
2001 Halkida Greece
2000 London GBR
1999 Salzburg Austria
1998 Nice France
1997 Amsterdam Netherlands
1996 Munich Germany