Record Administration

What Records are recognized ?

The IWWF TC shall recognize World Records for Tricks points, Slalom performances, Jump distances and Overall points only for the Men's and Women's divisions.

The E&A TC shall recognize E&A Records under the same standards provided for World records. The Confederation in which a record may be recognized shall be determined by the nationality of the skier rather than the location of the tournament.

As a clarification, the only records kept for other skiers (U21, U17, U14, 35+, 45+, 55+ and 65+) are those set at World Championships and E&A age category Championships in those age categories. These records are known as World Championship Records and E&A Best Championships Performances.

Where Records may be set ?

Records may be set only at tournaments homologated by the IWWF, a Confederation, a Federation, or the Tournament Council of the IWWF.

In any one tournament, no more than three rounds are eligible for setting records except that in a tournament where the first round is a preliminary round and the following three rounds are either an 8-4-2 bracket as described in IWWF Rule 17 or open rounds with a cut to the next round.

Specifications of equipment, courses and measuring devices shall be set by the Official IWWF Record Forms, which must be completed and certified by the Confederation Tournament Council Chairman, by the Chief Judge and other required officials. 

Slalom Records

A slalom performance shall be a new record if it exceeds by 1/4 point (0.25) or more the current official record. If the score is equaled, the skier will become co-holder of the established record.

Slalom Record - the performance must be video taped. Boat video, gate video and end course video will be taken per the rules requirements. The event judges will examine the video for compliance to the IWWF Rules. The video will be sent with the record forms to the chairman of the IWWF Tournament Council.

The video will be examined to verify that the path is within the following deviation specifications - Maximum deviation of the boat at the guide buoys - 20 cm toward the buoy. Total cumulative deviation allowed based on score is as follows:

0.25 - 1.0020 cm
1.25 - 2.0028 cm
2.25 - 3.0035 cm
3.25 - 4.0040 cm
4.25 - 5.0045 cm
5.25 - 6.0049 cm


Trick Records

A trick performance shall be a new record if it exceeds the current official record. If the score is equaled, the skier will become co-holder of the established record.

Trick Record - the performance must be video taped.

Video will be taken as per IWWF Rule 15.15. This video will be viewed in regular speed by the Event Judges for record verification. Although the record verification cannot change the score recorded in the tournament, the score may be changed for the record submission. The video will be sent with the record forms to the chairman of the IWWF Tournament Council. The Chairman and the TC will use a predetermined process to review the trick runs.

Jump Records

A jump shall be a new record if it exceeds the current official record. If the distance equals the established record, the skier will become co-holder of the established record.

A video jump measurement system is required. Currently there are three approved systems. One system is the photogrammetric based system requiring one camera and grid buoys developed by Bob Corson (USA). Another is the two camera trigonometric system developed by Olaf Boettcher (GER). A three camera trigonometric system developed in Japan was also approved.

The homologator will measure the exact position of the video jump buoys in the video jump buoy course (if used).

A video jump record submission shall include the survey, a copy of the video, a gif-formatted file of the record jump, a gif file of the video grid box if in the record jump gif any of the buoys are obscured, and all configuration and setup files appropriate for the system being used to allow independent verification.

Overall Records

Current World Overall Records and Event Scores


Overall Points




Jaret Llewellyn (CAN)



10730 p

71.7 m

Regina Jaquess (USA)



7980 p

53.6 m







* New Scoring Method 2006 - slalom base reduced by 24 - for a new Men's record, it must be exceeded using the original scoring method and then the new record will be recalculated using the reduced slalom count and listed that way.

An overall performance shall be a new record if it exceeds by 0.01 point or more the current official record. If the score is equaled, the skier will become co-holder of the established record. The scoring will be based on the scores noted in the following chart 

Overall Event Record Base Scores:







11680 p

67.8 m



8580 p

50.5 m







Use these scores to calculate a potential new Overall record.

For Men Overall Record Calculation 
Current Record is 2724.07 points (2818.01 p used old calculation method). A men's record must exceed the old calculation score first and then the use the new calculation base scores.

Overall Records may be set in tournaments where there is no overall competition as long as there are distinct rounds of each event and the performances are all in the same round.

For an Overall Record, each discipline is treated as a separate record - with trick review, slalom review and jump review by the applicable event judges on the site. For the overall record, the three event applications shall be submitted for IWWF Tournament Ccouncil approval.

An overall record cannot be approved until such time as each individual event element is approved if that individual element is in itself a record.

Ties in a Event

In the event of equal performances in a round of a tournament event, the record shall be co-held no matter which skier may be the ultimate winner of the event.

Video Requirements

All videos submitted on videotape will be VHS. The format that the tape was recorded in will be clearly marked on the tape.

Electronically formatted videos may also be submitted and are preferred. The digital file must be an *.avi type file. It is important to note that files formatted as DVD movies cannot be accepted as they do not retain exact frame integrity for timing purposes. The files can be submitted via email or on a physical medium such as a CD or DVD.

Record Administration

  1. World Records may only be set at tournaments sanctioned by the IWWF, a Confederation, or an affiliated National Federation. In some instances, a Confederation or Federation may specify specific events as record capability. In this instance, only performances from such specified events shall be considered for World Records.

  2. At tournaments where World Records may be set, the Tournament Homologator shall be responsible for supplying the Chief Judge with the technical information required by the IWWF Record Application Form.

  3. The Chief Judge shall be responsible for the completion of the required application. The completed record form shall be sent by the Chief Judge within one week of the completion of the event to: 
    - the skier's National Federation 
    - the Chairman of the Confederation Tournament Council where the record was performed 
    - the Chairman of the IWWF Tournament Council 

    Under no circumstances will a record application be considered unless the appropriate record application forms are completed and all rules conformed to within the stated time limits of one week (7 days).

  4. Upon receipt of the form and the necessary support documentation, the Chairman of the IWWF Tournament Council will either approve or disapprove the application and will advise the IWWF Tournament Council members and the IWWF President of his decision.

  5. The record will then be official, pending final ratification by the Tournament Council.

  6. The Tournament Council must advise the Chairman of their ratification or disapproval of his ruling within 30 days of their receipt of the information.

  7. Records shall be ratified if approved by a two-thirds majority of the Tournament Council. There shall be no proxy voting.

  8. A record can only be approved if the performance was achieved during a sanctioned competition (c.f. IWWF Rule 16.02). Record performances achieved during a run-off of a tie are not acceptable.

  9. Should the Tournament Homologator and/or Chief Judge fail in the responsibilities of these duties, sanction shall be determined and levied by the IWWF Executive Board following receipt of a report by the Confederation Tournament Council Chairman.

  10. In the unusual instance where a potential World Record performance occurred and it was intentionally not applied for as a World Record, the Tournament Homologator, Chief Judge, skier, and Federation may be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the IWWF Tournament Council and the IWWF Executive Board.

Record Application Form