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IWWF Introduces Concussion Recognition Tool

28th March 2019

IWWF introduces a new tool kit and protocol to evaluate the conditions associated with concussions.
Approved by IWWF’s World Medical …

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2019 Rules

2019 World Rules and E&A Additional are available under RULES.

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2019 E&A U21 Championships - Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 has been published.

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2019 E&A Youth Championships - Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 has been published.

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2019 E&A 35+ Championships - Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 has been published.

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2019 E&A Open Championships - Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 has been published.

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Calendar of Titled Events 2019 and 2020 update


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E&A Titled Events 2019-2020 and beyond

Message from EC Office 

To the EC Federations 
To the AC Federations 
To the Admincom 
To the Councils 

A Titled Event is one for which th…

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New Skier Representative For Tournament Council

During the 2018 E&A Open Championships, present skiers elected a new skier representative to E&A Tournament Council.
New member of our team is Manon Costard (FRA). TC warmly welcomes Manon to the tea…

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Information For Skirace 2018, Varcaturo, Naples

Information Bulletin for Skirace 2018

Venue: Varcaturo, Naples (Napoli), Italy

Date: 6th - 7th October 2018

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Ranking List To Be Used Qualification for 35+ Worlds

Weekly ranking list dated August 28th 2018 will act as the final qualification for the World 35+ Championships.

Check Weekly Ranking List.

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World Tournament Council modifies overall calculation for 35+ divisions in jumping

The IWWF Tournament Council has been modified the current jump formulas. 
The formula used a 10 meter offset for all men's divisions and a 7 meter offset for all women's divisions.
Since the distan…

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Scorer Needed In Spanish Nationals

Dear Friends,

The organiser is looking for a Scorer to the Spanish Nationals, to be held in Sesena, 22-23 September.

If available and interested, please contact asap. organiser: ricardo@botaski.…

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Homologator Needed in Italy

Dear Friends,
FISNW is looking urgently for a Homologator for their competition:


22-23 September 2018

Ranking List homologation

Slalom only

Kind regards,

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20th Michailidis Masters - Bulletin

Date: 26-28 OCTOBER 2018

Events & Rounds: 3 SLALOM and 2 TRICKS


Information Bulletin


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2018 Roma Extreme - Information Bulletin

Venue: PDT (Parco Del Tevere), Roma (Italy)

Dates: 29th - 30th September 2018

Events: Slalom, Tricks & Jumping

Entry Form: Skiers must enter form online before 25th September on Tournament …

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2019 ANOC World Beach Games will include ski jumping

From IWWF TC News

The 2019 ANOC World Beach Games, this being the inaugural edition of the World Beach Games, is a multi-sport event which will be organized by the Association of National Olymp…

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Bulletin 3 - E&A Open Championships

Bulletin 3 is available at our website under E&A Championships.

Also it can be download from here - Bulletin 3

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Bulletin - 7th Flip and Jump Contest

Overall event with 2 rounds of overall, 2+3 rounds of two events, or 3 rounds of one event.

Dates: 1st - 2nd September 2018
Venue: Jolly Ski School, San Gervasio Bresciano, Italy

See and/or dow…

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Judges Needed In Austria

Message from the Austrian Federation
Judges needed urgently
I am writing on behalf of the Austrian Waterski Federation, because the host of the Youth Nationals the upcoming weekend i…

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