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Officials' Seminar 2018 Feedback

To All Participants,

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2018 Feedback

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Dear all,

First of all, I would like to thank all the TC members and the organiser Czech team for this last seminar in Prague.

I think it has been a very interesting seminar where all the topics exposed will be very helpful to become a good and better judge. Also, I believe that spending a week end between collegues and discuss with them about water skiing, different situations in competitions, etc., is very enriching for all of us.

As Murten said yesterday, in every different championship appears a new situation but I think that discussing the passed situations help judges to find the suitable and better solution in future competitions. To me, this was a really interesting part of the seminar, the part of "what would you do if?"

Finally, thanks for all the work and effort that organising a seminar like this require.

Best regards.


Congratulations to Candido for a great job - well done !!

The driver and the boat judge should work as a team.
At next year's seminar why not have a session where the boat drivers explain how they try to resolve wrong or borderline times in jumping : adjusting the power factor, playing with the letters, ... and its effects.
Most boat judges just let the driver do without thinking along.