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E&A Titled Events 2019-2020 and beyond

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A Titled Event is one for which the Letter of Agreement and List of Obligations (the LAO) forms a contract between the host Federation and the IWWF European Confederation (the EC). 

Although the Confederations of Europe and Africa are separate entities, for the time being the European Confederation organises IWWF  E&A Championships with possible participation of African athletes. 

We therefore send you the most recent version of the Letter of Agreement and List of Obligations (the LAO). 

Please find herewith the links to four documents : 
1) Bidding for Titled Events
2) The LAO
3) The provisional  2019 Titled Event calendar
4) The provisional  2020 (& beyond) Titled Event calendar

We are still looking for organisers for the coming years. 
Federations who intend to bid, please have a look at these documents. 

The upcoming EC Congress in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 02/02/2019,  is the ideal place to promote your bid ! 

Best regards, 

Sid Adriaensen 
EC Secr Gen 

Should a link not work, then please copy & paste this link into your browser: 
and look under MISCELLANEOUS. 
The most recent documents are on top of the list.

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