Availability To Officiate 2020 At World Titled Events

Dear E&A Waterski Officials,

In 2020 the IWWF will hold 3 World titled events as follows:

2020  World Junior Water Ski Championships           USA   Pickos Waterski             18 -23 August

2020  World 35+Water Ski Championships                FRA   Baurech                          14-20 September

2020  World University Championships                      UKR   Dnipro                            22-27 September                                                             

The EA Tournament Council has to nominate officials for these events from a list of those officials who express their interest. 

Preference will be  given to Level 1 Officials (J1, S1, D1, H1).

The final decision will be made by the World TC.

Please note that for 2020 the EA TC will be able to make a CONTRIBUTION towards the travel costs of officials appointed to these competitions.

(The amount of this contribution will be known after the February TC Meeting. There is very little possibility that the whole cost of travel will be paid.)

If you wish to be considered for any of these events please respond to: Candido Moz      

Please note the deadline for submissions is 24th January 2020.


On behalf of the EA Waterski Council

Inessa Potes
Council Secretary


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